Whois is the database that stores information about registered domain names. It is a freely accessible service that can be used by anyone to find the contact information of the person or organization responsible for a domain name.


Responsibility of domain name holders

The information recorded for a domain name must be accurate, reliable, and up-to-date, including the contact information of the domain name holder, administrator, and technical contact. Providing incorrect information or failing to quickly update the information in the event of a change can result in the suspension or even cancellation of the domain name. Regular checks are made to verify the accuracy of this information.


Restricted information

Whois is a public registry, but some information may not be displayed. Here are the main reasons:

– Privacy protection: Some individuals or companies may wish to protect their privacy by hiding certain information in whois. For example, they may choose not to display their physical address or email address.

– Domain name registry privacy policies: Some domain name registries have privacy policies that prevent the display of certain information in whois. For example, the AFNIC (French Association for Internet Naming in Cooperation) does not allow the display of physical addresses of individuals in whois.

– Data masking: Some domain name owners choose to hide their information in whois by using a data masking service. These services replace the owner’s information with generic contact information to protect the owner’s privacy.


Why is whois important?

Whois is important for several reasons:

  • It allows you to contact the owner of a domain name in case of a problem (for example, if you believe that the domain is violating your intellectual property rights).
  • It provides information about the company managing the domain name, which can be useful for commercial reasons or to verify the reliability of a company.
  • It provides information about the expiration date of the domain name, which can be useful if you are considering acquiring a domain name.
  • It provides information about the domain’s name servers, which can be useful for diagnosing domain name resolution problems.


How to perform a search?

Fill the domain name in the search field on the ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) website or in the registry of the country like the AFNIC for France. Although it is not allowed, it is important to note that these data are not always accurate because it is possible to provide false information when registering a domain name.