• I can’t find a price, where can I find it ?

Prices are on the domain landing page or on the portfolio page. Prices not displayed are provided on request

  • Are the prices presented exclusive of tax or all taxes included?

Prices are tax included

  • Are the prices negotiable? Can we make an offer?

The price requested by TipTopNames for a domain name is fixed without overestimation by taking into account multiple criterias.

However, we believe that the business relationship with a serious buyer allows negotiation

  • Which payment method should I use?

By bank wire to TipTopNames

By the payment options accepted by the transaction platform, the escrow fee is paid by TipTopNames

  • Can we pay in installments?

Yes, but you will become the the domain name owner only after full payment.

Contact us to agree on the terms

  • How secure is the transaction?

Directly through TipTopNames, you receive all the information before the start of the transaction. When the funds are received, we send you an invoice containing the domain name authentication code.

The transaction can be made, at no additional cost, through the specialized platform; TipTopNames taking charge of the cost of the escrow fee service.

  • How does escrow service work ?

When payment is received by this intermediary, it is retained until confirmation that the domain name is transferred to the buyer.

Please be aware that this solution requires the customer to register on the escrow platform.

To learn more about this service

  • Is it possible to cancel a purchase?

Yes, before the domain name auth code is sent to the buyer. 

  • Can I buy a name through specialized sales platforms?

Some of our domain names are listed on sales platforms like,, or

In the event that you wish to acquire a name through one of these intermediaries, additional transaction fees are included in the price.

The best price is found on

  • How long does it take for me to become the definitive owner of the name I bought?

It takes less than 10 days to complete the transfer process.

  • How is the domain name transferred?

You receive an authentification code. You can then transfer the name to the registrar of your choice and become the owner. We bring you full support during these operations.

  • As a seller, what guarantees do you provide?

The personal data collected is intended for TipTopNames, which undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of the informations provided by the user. These data are only used for the purpose of requests made via the contact forms available on the site. You can find our privacy policy here.

Regarding the domain names we sell, we can send you proof of ownership for the name that want to buy.

In the event that you wish to acquire a name using a sales platform, please verify that the seller is TipTopNames.

For more information on TipTopNames and, see the legal notices here

In any case, if you have any doubt, contact us !

To learn more about domain names, visit the blog page.